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Admission requirements : All students must complete an enrollment application.

There is a $250.00 non refundable application/registration fee. This holds your place in the schedule!

High School education competency in reading and communication skills.

Minimum age of 18

Student meeting/interview: An meeting/interview of all potential students is required prior to enrollment...

Student- Instructor ratio: 1-1. Don't delay. Students are taken on a first come, first serve basis.

This enables each student to receive one on one attention with Instructor.

*Student must be committed to on-line, independent study in addition to practical (hands-on) classroom study.

Tuition : Total Tuition fee = $5000.00 (This fee includes  $250 application/registration fee and 

one student equipment/supply package. See " curriculum "

page for detailed list of supplies)

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Pet First Aid and CPR Certification: All Students are officially Certified in Pet First Aid & CPR through Pet Emergency Education . There is a fee of $69.95 to obtain this Certification. It is to be paid directly to PetEmergency Education before attending on-site class, once the class date is confirmed .

Payment Policy: Students may privately apply for loan. No financing is offered. Cash , Check ,PayPal. Payment is due in full no less than two weeks prior to day one of classes. Checks to be made payable to Groomer Training Center.

*Once Initial Enrollment Application and fee are received, you will be contacted to confirm class start date. Every effort is made to cater to each students individual scheduling needs. Once start date is agreed upon, the process of scheduling Model Dogs begins immediately. If a request is submitted to alter this agreed upon start date , it must be done so, no less than two weeks prior to the initial agreed upon date or, an additional Application fee may be charged.

*Contact us for class schedule. Teaching is done on a one to one basis, I strive to ,whenever possible , cater to the scheduling needs of each individual student.

*Already own some equipment? Your balance can be adjusted accordingly.