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The Professional Pet Groomer Program requires approximately one hundred , on-site hours ,per three week (or less) enrollment period. Instructor:Student Ratio =1:1. Enrollment is always open and classes are filled on a first come, first serve basis. Additional independent study hours are necessary (approx. 400) as Internationally Accredited Curriculum, study modules ,testing, and final exam requirements are fulfilled online via Student's own personal computer. It is not mandatory that all tests and final exam be completed in the same time frame as Practical on-site hours. Diploma can not be issued until final exam is completed and accreditation number is issued.

We do offer a "Curriculum First " option for those who may wish to have access to the online Curriculum, prior to their Practical Study hours.

As of day one, Groomer Training Center, Dog Grooming School Students, begin practicing skills on live animals. Students are NOT responsible for personally obtaining grooming Models to learn on. It is Student's personal responsibility to complete online book study and testing  from their own personal computer. Some book review is done together with Instructor, in class. A full grooming equipment package will be supplied for each student (see list below). Equipment fee is inclusive in tuition cost. Upon completion of course all students will have personally, successfully groomed approximately 24 dogs.

*Contact us for class schedule. Teaching is done on a one to one basis. Classes are available Mondays through Fridays, and are in session from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. . The 100 Practical Study hours, are to be completed in 3 consecutive weeks, or less.

The Groomer Training Center Dog Grooming School student will be taught utilizing the Internationally accredited, JKL Pet Grooming curriculum.

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International Accreditation ensures that this curriculum is of the highest standard, assuring quality, efficiency, public trust and accountability. This is especially important due to the fact that the State of Pennsylvania does not yet require any certification or licensing of the Professional Dog Groomer .Upon passing of the Professional Groomer Course, students will be awarded with a Groomer Training Center, IEAA numbered, Internationally Accredited , Diploma! All Students will also receive a Pet First Aid and CPR Certificate ( suitable for framing), and wallet cards ,when they earn their official Certification In Pet First Aid and CPR  through , Pet Emergency Education. (There is an additional $69.95 fee, payable to Pet Emergency Education, for  this certificate.This class will be taught within your  attended Practical  study hours here at GTC).

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Students will be taught: (not necessarily taught in order listed)

*Equipment of the trade and its proper use.

**Proper care of Scissors, clippers and blades

*Pet First Aid and CPR (All Students earn Certification through Pet Emergency Education)

*Basic canine anatomy

*Clipper skills

*Scissor skills

*Bathing skills

*Nail trimming/nail grinding

*Ear cleaning/ear hair plucking

*Anal gland expression

*Oral care


*Drying techniques

*Professionalism in the salon

*Control, restraint, and respect of pets

*Common breeds and breed specific patterns

*General knowledge of skin conditions

*General knowledge of parasite control


*Understanding basic operation of grooming salon, including proper protocol with pet owners

*Construction of portfolio


(each student will have their own personal equipment to train with and keep. Cost of this equipment is included in tuition. Maintenance and care for this equipment will be students sole responsibility)

* Online access to all JKL study modules and testing

*rubber curry

*large slicker brush

*small slicker brush

*coat rake

*shedding blade

* nail clipper

*styptic powder

*combination comb

*flea comb

*straight scissor

*curved scissor


*ear cleaner

*ear powder


*electric clipper

*five clipper blades of various sizes

*snap-on comb attachments

*cool blade


*Tote bag

(GTC holds the right to adjust this supply list accordingly )