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 "K9 DERMA SPA", under the roof of the Groomer Training Center!

Bring us your itchy, your scratchy...your rash-y, your smelly...even your old and arthritic..............we have something for that!

We have some truly incredible new services to offer your Pets!

See  videos below!

We in no way claim to be Dermatologists, veterinary Doctors, nor diagnosticians. Our goal is to support the Veterinary diagnosis of your Pet, and help them to feel better, possibly heel faster, and enjoy the relaxing Spa Experience along the way!

--Allison Alonso CPG,IAGI,DTS,CCMT,CCE

 Thera Clean Micro Bubble Price List:

                                             Small             Medium             Large          X-Large

3 Baths (Save$10).      $65                    $95.                     $125.            $170

4 Baths (Save $10).      $90                  $130                    $170              $230

5 Baths (Save$10).       $115                 $165                   $215             $290

EACH                                  $25                    $35                     $45                 $60

Thera Clean Micro bubble therapy

​​Who can benefit from a micro bubble bath?

* Pets with skin ailments

*Pets who scratch

*Pets who chew on themselves

*Pets who need some pampering

*Pets with skin odor

*Pets who shed

*Pets who stress about bath time

*Pets who are old and arthritic

*Pets who, just deserve a true Spa Day!

Call 717-507-6440 to schedule your Pets's micro bubble bath today!

**If you would like to add a micro-bubble bath to your pet's regular grooming service, please be sure to tell your Groomer ahead of time, so she can allow for the  necessary additional time needed to complete your Pet's spa experience.

**Want to remain loyal to your  current Groomer but, wish your  dog could experience the magic of micro bubbles? Wish no more! You don't have to be a Grooming client, to be a Spa Client.

**Does your Dog need some help healing from chronic ,and or severe skin issue (rash, hot spot, allergy symptoms...)? Some relief from constant scratching, inflammation, licking....? Schedule a consult with Allison,Derma Tech Specialist, Certified Canine Esthetician, for some advice on  creating a therapeutic program.

Attention Models: Of course we invite ALL  to experience a TC Micro bubble bath! However, we will be unable to include this, within the same visit, for our Grooming School Models. Our Student's need to learn and practice how to give a standard bath and blow dry, while they are here in attendance. A Micro Bubble Spa Experience can be scheduled between Model Grooms, or can be included, during a "regular" groom  session, with one of our Professional Pet Stylists.